The Bespoke Process: World of Vici


Our custom product is designed to create both a unique garment and a unique experience. Every piece is designed and fitted to meet your individual taste and need. During a personal consultation, one of our experienced tailors will suggest style techniques to give you the perfect match of look and purpose you seek. World of Vici fabrics are sourced from mills in Italy, Australia, Spain, and England. It goes without saying that fit is paramount. Your tailor is highly skilled in precision measurement techniques. His knowledge of body type and posture ensure a product specific to your unique vision. Once your garments are ready, a fitting will be scheduled with your tailor to inspect both fit and look. If required, minor tweaks and/or alterations will be made at this time.


Existing Clients


For our existing clients, you now have access to any new pieces in your specific size. When shopping our website, select the Bespoke tab on any product and type your name. After a follow-up call to confirm your order and measurements, the garment of your choice will be constructed according to your specifications and sent to your door. Of course, we’re always happy to see you. Feel free to book an appointment for a personal consultation at our store.




Curated from years as bespoke clothing designers, our company, World of Vici, is a blend of timeless style and modern verve. Transcending through time, our infinite inspiration comes from all worlds of creativity including Art and Music. Consumed with a passion to design and develop the highest quality products, we created WOfV. Our goal is to elevate our customers to the highest level of style and clothing. A style and clothing that best presents the unique self that is only you.