1. Consult:

What you look like is important to yourself and to the world. The clothing you choose to wear shows off your personality, your taste and what you want the world to see. Through our consultation, we will work with you to pick out your style, your look, your vibe. With our variety of fabrics, designs and details, we will work with you to coordinate your own individual piece.



2. Measure:

So you have picked your look; now to make it fit you. Our consultants will talk with you as they measure you out to understand your comfort and detail priorities. With each area of measurement, we will discuss the clients preferences and explain areas of interests or expectations with a certain cut. Using jackets and pants in the store, we will cross reference your measurements and make any adjustments based on comfort or style. 



3. Pick-up:

Its pick up day! If this is your first garments with us, we will have you try it on for final approval. It fits great, awesome! We re-pack your new clothing into our complimentary garment bag.
If there is anything about the garment that doesn’t meet your expectations, we will mend it until it does. We will work with you to book you back in when we expect the remedies to be complete. 
If you’re a repeat customer with your measurements dialled in, we offer complimentary delivery service anywhere in downtown core. If its connected through the +15 or just across the street from one, we will deliver right to your office.