Bespoke Process
The World of Vici Bespoke process is designed to create both a unique experience and garment. Every piece is constructed and fitted for each individuals specific taste and needs.  Upon meeting with one of our experienced tailors, the purpose, look and intent of the desired garment is created.  World of Vici fabrics  have been sourced from mills in Italy, Australia, Spain and England.  With fit being paramount with any bespoke piece,  measurement techniques along with knowledge of body type and posture will ensure that the end product is as discussed.  Once your garments are complete, a fitting will be scheduled with your tailor to inspect the fit and look, any minor tweaks or alterations will be done at this time if needed.

Existing Clients 

For our existing clients, you now have access to any new pieces in your specific size.  When searching our website select the bespoke tab on any product and type your name.  After a followup call to confirm your order and measurements, the garment will be constructed in to your specifications and sent to your door.  Of course, if you would like to book an appointment for a face to face consult we are more than happy to have you come see us and tend to your needs.