Our Vision

World of Vici was created on the idea that everyone is unique and that they should be able to express their individuality through their clothes. We understand that putting together a competent wardrobe can be an intimidating endeavour, so we offer our passion, talent and experience to help craft the wardrobe that defines you. Engaging with our clients is the key; open communication and defining expectations is what elevates our spirits and our products.

Our Garments

Our clothing is a means for you to express who you are to the world. Using quality sourced material from London to Australia, we will create a bespoke garment that will be crafted specific to you. The specialization and attention to detail will provide you with clothing that fits specifically to you while projecting your unique self.

Who We Are

Mavericks, unorthodox and independent minded; we have never fit into the mold and utilized our individuality to create World of Vici as a service that emulates our spirit. Our core values of relationships, quality, integrity, entrepreneurship, and fun are lived through our people everyday at the core of our proud company culture. 
We live a life that we thoroughly love and enjoy. We set our priorities to align with our vision and that's why we have been able to clothe hundreds of people and share our values through the services and products we craft.